Weathervane White - Chardonel

A dry full-bodied white with hints of melon and citrus.


Oaked Chardonel {New!}

Our crisp chardonel with aromas of ripe pear and apples aged in an American oak barrel for 4 months delivers a delightfully nutty, oaky, smooth white wine.


True North - Norton

A dry, medium to full - bodied red wine with spicy notes from the small clustered Norton varietal.


Semi-dry with aromas of ripe cherry, fig, & pomegrante. The wine carries depth and complexity with a red fruit profile while remaining bright & refreshing at the finish. Official Illinois Bicentennial Wine winner.

Avalanche - Seyval Blanc

This popular French-American hybrid is a crisp, semi-dry white with the aroma of apricots, peaches, and nectarines.

Tina's Red Blend (SOLD OUT)

A semi-dry blend with dark fruit flavors of black raspberry & blackberry, with some spicy notes complimented by a soft mouth feel and good structure.

Spring Lake - Frontenac

A semi-sweet garnet red wine with cherry aroma. This crisp wine has flavors of red berry, plum and hints of blackberry.


Strike the Gold - Traminette

This semi-sweet white is a hybrid of Gewürztraminer with a fragrant floral aroma with honey and apricot flavors and some spicy characteristics from it parents.


Blackberry Reserve

Blackberries handpicked from our black berry bushes next to the vineyard. Luscious!


Marin - Catabwa

A sweet blush from a Native American grape with hints of raspberry and a smooth finish.


Rover's Ramble - Raspberry

Seasonal (Sold Out Until Spring 2019)

A seasonal West of Wise favorite. Sweet with a slight tart, fruity flavor.


Bottle Rock Red - Concord

A smooth, traditional Concord wine with just the right level of sweetness.


Peach Sangria

A cult favorite at West of Wise Winery, peach sangria is the perfect balance between sweetness and peach. You just have to try it for yourself.


Blackberry Sangria

A new addition to the West of Wise Wine list, bottled by popular demand, blackberry sangria is sweet with a fruity flavor and perfect for any occasion.


Jordan Creek - Chardonel 

Light, sweet and refreshing. Has that crisp taste of the chardonel finished in a moscato style.


The Wine list above begins with our driest wines and ends with our sweetest wines.

West of Wise Winery produces all of our wine on site (destem, crush, press, ferment, and bottle) and grows the majority of our own grapes at Ratio Vineyards in Kilbourne, Illinois.  All other grapes are from local vineyards. Therefore we do have seasonal options and sometimes sell out of a particular wine for the year until the next harvest. Please be patient with us as we strive to bring you only the best, and most local wine we can.